Jenna Wojan
Graphic Designer

Hello, you! I'm Jenna, a graphic designer and natural-born creative. This is my lifestyle blog and online portfolio, curated personally since 2010. I'm obsessed with pantone, DIY, magic, and bloody mary brunches, and traveling.

One of my goals this year to create and make more stuff - to put myself out there and not be shy about my talents. This is one of the scariest resolutions I have ever set for myself - it terrifies me to no end. But it's also kind of exciting.

No one tells you when you first start out that being an artist is one of the most vulnerable professions. Every art show I have ever participated in has given me unnecessary anxiety - stemming from a fear of failure or of misunderstanding.  This year, I am determined to overcome my hangups and make some mistakes on my way to becoming someone I am really proud to be.

I want to share with you how I see the world through blogging, humor, and art. I want to make you feel something, and maybe even inspire you to make something yourself.

University Wisconsin-Stout | 2010
BFA | Graphic Design

Passion & Style
I am a Graphic Designer obsessed with trendsetting, researching, ideating, making things with my hands, and solving problems. I've been working professionally for six years, but working creatively my whole life.

What I'm Doing Now
Design, Marketing & Print Production at Minuteman Press in Hudson, WI