Hi, I'm Jenna, a graphic designer and natural-born creative. I'm obsessed with pantone, VHS thrifting, magic, and bloody mary brunches.

I want to share with you how I see the world through blogging, design, humor, and art. I want to make you feel something, and maybe even inspire you to make something yourself.

University Wisconsin-Stout | 2010
BFA | Graphic Design

Passion & Style
I've been working creatively my whole life. As a professional graphic designer, I am passionate about trendsetting, researching, ideating, and solving problems. Design should be simple, beautiful, and unfettered.

My personal work delves into the world of mixed-media analog collage. I explore the surreal, the sexual, and the delightfully strange with my hand-cut collages - oftentimes juxtaposing dreamlike shapes and images with symbols of pin-up Americana.

I've heard collage artists described as bottom feeders of the art world, but I see it as creating something entirely new, similar in the way one's conscious mind takes day-to-day mundane activities in waking life and turns it into bizarre dreamscapes when lights are out. This method of creating allows me to step away from technology and make something tangible - something real - something really WEIRD.

What I'm Doing Now
Design, Marketing & Print Production at Minuteman Press in Hudson, WI