Typography, screen-printed shirt designs, and branding for Gabe The Babe & Co. 
Photos taken from the Instagram account of Gabe the Babe & Co.
Shirts available

Alex & Kristie, parents and business owners, asked me to design some t-shirts to support their Down syndrome awareness blog.

Kristie uses social media to educate people about Down syndrome, after the birth of their diagnosed son, when they realized realized how little people know about Down syndrome. They share their journey and lives to break down stereotypes and hopefully encourage parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis.

The unique thing about Alex & Kristie is their humor. They both have large hearts and even heartier laughs - it really is refreshing to have people in my life that have gone through so much and want to help other people, especially with positivity and humor.

I eagerly jumped at the chance to help this family spread Down syndrome awareness through wearable articles, we have perceptions to change!