Maggie and Peter's Wedding Gift

My friend Maggie is getting married on New Year's Eve 2010 and had her bridal shower today. I think the date of the wedding is PERFECT because it gives your family and friends somewhere to have a party, and then you can have something extra to celebrate every year!
Maggie and I have been friends since middle school, when she moved from Kansas and smelled of Victoria's Secret Garden perfume, which I thought was so sexy and womanly in 7th grade. She has always been a crazy good friend of mine, even though we don't see each other as often as we'd like.
I wanted to give something personal, yet something that they could share and enjoy as a couple.

This project was partially inspired by Staci and Kayd's repackaged personalized gifts that you can see here and here.
My wine bottle packaging turned into a fun little project that she loved and was a hit at her shower!

Congratulations Maggie and Peter!

Packaging Project #1

Lingerie Packaging Redesign - Product and Packaging Design Class Fall 2009
by Jenna Wojan

My concept was to create a lingerie brand and line that was both sexy, mature, and cheeky. The brand name "Smack!" alludes to a playful kiss, love tap, or spank. Thus, the packaging reflects the sassy nature of the wearer, prompting tongue-in-cheek wit on the tags.
The packaging is sustainable, as it is attached with reusable ribbon rather than disposable plastic hang tags. The front design also doubles as a sticker, so the consumer can choose to reuse the brand however they wish.

For more, go HERE. (My AIGA Portfolio)

"Has anyone seen my bag of underwear?"

In the midst of this hustle and bustle yesterday, I had MISPLACED MY GROCERY BAG OF LINGERIE!
So I was running around APPA like a crazy (and idiotic person for being irresponsible about my belongings) asking people if they had found a grocery bag with a project inside, a project involving ladies underwear and I'm sure everyone thought I was either a pervert or crazy.
Well, I figured it would turn up, and if anyone found it, they wouldn't steal it and return it to the art offices. So I was all sweaty when I arrived at the AIGA meeting, and really nervous about my missing (but documented!) project floating around.
Luckily, my friend Derek sent me a text saying, "I have your undie bag."
Which was awesome and a relief. Thanks Derek.

Phil Jones came to speak to AIGA, and it was really interesting for the first 15 minutes of the presentation, but the poor guy was rudely interupted by a fire alarm, and we were outside the building for 20+ minutes.

Some of his work: