Linky Links 2.5.2011

  • WTF is happening in Egypt? A simple and understandable explanation can be found here.
  • Ever wanted to purchase an innocent, uneducated Indian girl off the black market? Now you can! Well, not really. An organization called Nanhi Kali created the website The Girl Store, which allows people to purchase uniforms, school supplies, and shoes to provide an education for Indian girls. The marketing scheme of the website is shocking, but effective.
  • Blogger Brenna of Suburban Snapshots compares living with a toddler with being at a frat party.
  • Beautiful minimal posters curated by edit. Artists were asked to represent a musical genre using one shape and one type.
  • A list of 12 regional foods compiled by Women's Day. First time I've ever even heard of a top-sliced hot dog bun!
  • Designers: Check out 7-Up's new branding. Thoughts?

(Mille from Freaks and Geeks by Katie Rice of Funny Cute Blog)

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The thing about logos is that if you fall in love with your design, everyone will hate on it.

Version #2:

In other news, Jenna is officially an airhead. Case in point: leaving a tube of red lipstick in her laundry...and it bled all over everything. It looks like I killed Strawberry Shortcake and strangled her with my socks and bedsheets. Does anyone have any tricks to get lipstick out of clothes?

Also. Josie and the Pussycats is a great movie. Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan are geniuses, and Can't Hardly Wait was definitely underrated.

the logo blues...

Working on my logo for my software project. I'm going to state the obvious and say that designing logos are HARD. How do you make something that hasn't been made before, isn't over-used, not generic or cliche, creative and ingenious? Ugh it's tough.
It also poses this question: Is following a design trend smart?

A good logo:
1. Stands the test of time.
2. Presents well in black and white, as well as color.
3. Presents well in any size, be it on a letterhead, or a billboard.
Does following a trend just make your logo fresh, or does it make it fresh for a limited amount of time?

It has to have purpose and strong legs to carry it along. Trends are a look and feel of what is appealing a the time, but without some classic design backing, it falls flat. So my job is to marry classic design and trendiness to make a BAMF of a logo!

This weekend is going to be devoted to this project and some other projects that I've been wanting to do.

-Latino DJ dance night on Thursday
-Family Chirstmas Card
-Photocopying projects for portfolio
-Design self-promoting postcards (coming soon to a mailbox near you!)