Linky Links 2.5.2011

  • WTF is happening in Egypt? A simple and understandable explanation can be found here.
  • Ever wanted to purchase an innocent, uneducated Indian girl off the black market? Now you can! Well, not really. An organization called Nanhi Kali created the website The Girl Store, which allows people to purchase uniforms, school supplies, and shoes to provide an education for Indian girls. The marketing scheme of the website is shocking, but effective.
  • Blogger Brenna of Suburban Snapshots compares living with a toddler with being at a frat party.
  • Beautiful minimal posters curated by edit. Artists were asked to represent a musical genre using one shape and one type.
  • A list of 12 regional foods compiled by Women's Day. First time I've ever even heard of a top-sliced hot dog bun!
  • Designers: Check out 7-Up's new branding. Thoughts?

(Mille from Freaks and Geeks by Katie Rice of Funny Cute Blog)

Top Ten Tuesdays: Fair Food

I went to the Great Minnesota Get Together today with my family and had a blast! I hadn't been to the Minnesota State Fair since I was in high school and we saw so many great things like baby animals, cool solar powered fountains, a all-chick blue grass band, etc.
And, the best thing about the State Fair is THE FOOD! I didn't realize until I arrived at the fair that my camera batteries were dead. So here is a list of things I consumed/drank:

1. Olives On a Stick
This was at the international fair, Greek section. The olives were stuffed with garlic, sun-dried tomato, jalapeno, onion and very salty. The sun-dried tomato was my favorite because it mixed some sweet and salty flavors.

2. Chicken Po' Boy Sandwich
Probably the least greasy thing I ate. Topped with lettuce, onions, mayo and pickles.

3. Salt N' Vinegar Fries
You may think I'm weird but I'm amazing.

4. Cheese Curds
A Fair staple.

5. A Beergarita, Stella Artois, Leinenkugel Honeyweiss
Now, mind you I didn't drink all of these at once! I wish I had brought a flask though because everything was so expensive. The Beergarita was definitely the best thing I was a mixture of Leineys and a margarita, though I doubt there was any tequila in it. I bought the Stella and asked for a 12 oz. but the guy thought I said "tall" and gave me a large glass. But it was tasty and went well with the aforementioned olives.

6. Twinkie on a Stick
This was something that Brian bought and I tasted. He took the first bite of it and made a face. My mom said, "What? Too sweet?" and Brian says, "No....THIS IS AMAZING!" And I'll admit, it was pretty novel.

7. Deep-Fried Candybar
This was also something Brian got. They were Reeses and were served deep fried with powdered sugar in a little paper boat. It was okay. I guess I'm not a big fan of hot, melty candybars.

8. Cookies
My mom was adamant about getting a bucket of cookies from Sweet Marthas. It was $15 for an overflowing quart ice cream bucket. I was standing by my dad while he ate his footlong hotdog and he goes, "Jeeeeeeeez!" I turn to him, but realize that he saw my mother carrying a giant vat of cookies. They were warm and very good!

9. Cup of Meat
Okay, so this wasn't really a fair food, but when we were in the Dairy Building, the Beef Council was handing out these samples of steak with some white sauce and jumped in and grabbed some. LAY OFF ME, I LIKE FREE STUFF. Minnesota cows taste just as good as Wisconsin cows.

10. Cheese Sticks and Glass of Chocolate Milk
This was also in the Dairy Building, and while my dad got his 3rd milkshake of the day, and my mom flirted with the young high schoolers serving behind the counter, I got some chocolate milk and some string cheese. This was probably the healthiest thing I ate all day. And so delicious!

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go for a walk to burn off this weekly amount of calories I consumed. :)