5 Haikus About Irrational Fears

Everyone has irrational fears. And I seem to have more than a few. Most of them have been concocted by my overactive mind, spinning stories about Wes Craven-esque horror scenes that mostly involve mundane objects or things. There is so much in this sick sad world to be afraid of, why do I have to be afraid of silly things?

Since 'tis the season for all things scary, I thought I would give you all the pleasure of reading about some of the irrational fears I have about everyday things or situations. Because, being scared shitless makes me want to write in 5-7-5 pentameter.

while eating lo mein
the brittle wood might splinter
and pierce my eyeball

the ass who wont stop
whining is in 16C
and I'm in 16B

i turn the corner
to just see my double self
we make eye contact

tiny crying thing
can sense fear and awkwardness
get away from me

trying to rid them
panicked dread, gasping for air
staying forever


I only wrote about 5 of my irrational fears...the list of my superstitions and what frightens me go on and on. Some honorable mentions are:

- Subway Grates
- People who part their hair down the center
- Lumber Semis (think Final Destination)
- Mice
-Receiving papercuts with corrugated plastic

What are some of your irrational fears?