Coincidence or Glitch in the Matrix?

For those of you who don't know what Glitch in the Matrix means, it refers to a scene in the movie The Matrix where Neo experiences déjà vu where he sees a the same black cat twice, alerting his teammates that there was a change to the Matrix.  Watch the scene below:

Glitches can also be experiences of time lapse, seeing dopplegangers, precognition, teleporting...basically weird unexplainable things that happen to you that are more physics-related and do not involve paranormal or UFO-type aspects.  Read more stories in this reddit forum: /r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix

Anyway, a lot of the "glitches" can be explained as coincidence, which my experience today probably was, but it also makes you wonder about a larger connection between things that happen.

If you don't know, I am a very vivid dreamer - I remember my dreams in detail, and have been a restless sleeper since I was a child.  I have had a few precognitive dreams, but nothing really too specific.

Last night, I had this dream that I was at a club and I left out the door, and I faintly heard this song playing by the New York Dolls:

I knew what the song was in my dream, but I didn't remember the band's name. I hadn't heard the song first introduction to The New York Dolls was on a mixtape given to me during my punk rock years in high school.

Well, anyway, cut to today - I got in my car to drive somewhere and the radio was turned down, so I turned it up, and THE SAME SONG WAS PLAYING on The Current!  I realized right away, and actually said, "Weird" to myself.

It had been requested by a guy named Matt who said that it had been the first song he ever heard on The Current and hadn't heard it in a long time, so he requested it to be played.

So, that was my experience with a glitch today...have any of you experienced something like that before?


Best Dreams Ever

I had some pretty badass dreams last night. Let me recount:

The first dream was like a horror movie. I was in a hospital building and there was evidently a pandemic. Everyone on the outside was possibly infected with a zombie virus. To the point where a large fluid blob of the virus fell out of the sky and a man tried to open the doors, and I held them closed. Then I found myself with a very attractive hero who took me by the hand and let me to a movie/stage theater to find an escape, because we couldn't get out of the building through the front doors. Heroman led me to the top, and all of the sudden the lights flickered and an amazing dragon-zombie-lady appeared and kidnapped me.
I was forced to put on a Marie-Antoinette wig and accompanying dress and stand on the stage front-left and hold my arms out and smile. There were these scary goblins or weird creepy people telling us to put on a play, and there were more goblin/zombies in the audience. One came up and touched me and told me to keep smiling. Somehow I escaped and reunited with my dashingly attractive and shaggy Heroman and we tried to find our way through the city.
One things for certain. ZOMBIE DREAMS ARE THE BEST DREAMS.

The second dream was more of a sci-fi genre. I was an orphan child living in a post apocalyptic world where all the power lay in one man who lived in a very steampunk and high tech castle. This world was overgrown with trees and toppled buildings, and there were a few mechanical things still working, like lamps and cars and shops. I befriended this blond orphan girl, who had more street-smarts that me, and we came upon about $300 of cash. In this world, cash was rare, but still the currency(?) and it would be surprising if anyone else were to have a few dollars on them. The population was full of thieves and dirty people. We had this money and decided we should go into the city to buy some food and essentials so we could live comfortably. We were rich.
The city was across an immense river and the only way to get there was an illegal passage by ferry. To get to the ferry, we had to cross a smaller river, which was magical, because it seemed like there was no way across, except there was a hidden road just inches below the surface. We got our feet wet crossing. We got on this ferry, which was more like a busboat that flew above the water, and we were sitting behind a man with a turban and a man that looked like Danny Devito. Wanting to count our money, but trying to do so without anyone to see was very tricky, but we tried anyway. Danny Devito saw and tried to grab some of our currency (which some had inexplicably changed into magic cards), but I was too quick and tore it from him. As we got closer to the city, the water started to move and underneath we could see lights of a very grand submarine, and we knew it was HIM. The bus driver got very nervous because he was driving an illegal ferry and he knew he would be caught, so we quickly packed up our things, and I shoved the money into a bag and into another bag, and my blond orphan friend had taken off her shoes to dry, but decided to leave them and go barefoot. In the scramble to get off the bus once we had landed, we only took the essentials, and I grabbed some blankets to shove into our packs.
We got out of the bus and through the dirty streets where we couldn't make eye contact and turned the corner into a crumbling park. There, the orphan girl told me that she had planned to meet two men there. They appeared, and they were young, smooth-faced men that were dressed like they were from the 1900s. They were brothers and they said they were time travelers.
That's where I woke up.