delicious meals and delicious projects

This is a delicious meal that Jason and I made for my parents when we went back for a visit two weekends ago. The meal consisted of Grilled Cumin Chicken, Avocado Tomato Salad, and Mexican Rice. It was very good, and it impressed the parents!

In other news, I'm working on a Software Design project for my Packaging class. My first idea was to create a software for new mothers that would aid in organizing family schedules, to-do lists, chore lists, etc. But in the critique some one mentioned that there is already an application for that purpose. Boo. And other suggestions for the software fell flat, and I don't believe I would be pushed in designing packaging for mothers/women...I already did that in my last project.
Well, back to the drawing board.
My other idea is to create a software packaging for a Creative Writing studio. It would provide organization tools for shot stories, editing tools, poetry tips, word games(?), and a "I'm Feeling Lucky" button for story ideas. I'm rewriting my proposal so hopefully this idea goes over better. I'm excited about it!

Tomorrow I go to the photography studio on campus and document my last project: pictures will be posted ASAP.

Also double critique on my Art Metals Projects:

Puzzle Piece
7 Butt Joints
2 Inlays
2 Sweat Solders


Found Object Wearable Piece (Monocle)
1 Rivet
1 Screw
2 Solders