The Ultimate Jayne Mansfield Obsessed Blog Entry

I don't want Marilyn Monroe, you can have her. I want the No. 2 - Jayne Mansfield in her fabulous pink mansion. Because when you're number two, you gotta try a little harder: show a little more cleavage, sigh a little deeper, act a little dumber.



Seriously. The woman had a heart-shaped pool at her "Pink Palace". 


Did you think this iconic photo was of Sophia Loren throwin' shade at Marilyn? Nope. It is definitely Ms. Mansfield.

 Ugh. I just. Ugh.


OMG she recorded a fucking album?!



and....whatever is happening here...

 ^EDIT: just found out they are Jayne Mansfield-shaped hot water bottles. "22-inches long, hard plastic mold" creepy.  I did some research and the original run of those water bottles go between $40-$140 on ebay. I am seriously thinking of an investment in one.


anyway, this.


Now, more of her mansion, The "Pink Palace":


There is just so. much. carpet.


A heart-shaped fireplace? Dying.


The study.



Those black silk sheets tho.