"Has anyone seen my bag of underwear?"

In the midst of this hustle and bustle yesterday, I had MISPLACED MY GROCERY BAG OF LINGERIE!
So I was running around APPA like a crazy (and idiotic person for being irresponsible about my belongings) asking people if they had found a grocery bag with a project inside, a project involving ladies underwear and I'm sure everyone thought I was either a pervert or crazy.
Well, I figured it would turn up, and if anyone found it, they wouldn't steal it and return it to the art offices. So I was all sweaty when I arrived at the AIGA meeting, and really nervous about my missing (but documented!) project floating around.
Luckily, my friend Derek sent me a text saying, "I have your undie bag."
Which was awesome and a relief. Thanks Derek.

Phil Jones came to speak to AIGA, and it was really interesting for the first 15 minutes of the presentation, but the poor guy was rudely interupted by a fire alarm, and we were outside the building for 20+ minutes.

Some of his work: