My 2013 in 140 Characters or Less

Since I obviously wasn't blogging as often as I had planned during the majority of 2013, I turned to Twitter, which is surprisingly less annoying than I previously thought. (No, don't worry, I'm not like some pushy drug-dealer of social media, with Twitter being akin to a gateway drug and saying, "Just try it with me...")

To be straight-up with you, I quite enjoy Twitter as a social media platform because it lets everyone drop non-sequiturs like truth-bombs, but in an environment where that is more or less a commonplace occurrence.

Most of the time, I reserve my funnier (READ: less offensive) thoughts for Facebook, but Twitter really allows for a bit more, ahem, creative commentary. And since, a lot of you don't get to see my witty tweets, I thought I would share a year of monthly gems from yours truly.  Enjoy!



Searching for jobs and developing an unhealthy addiction to watching ABC's Nightline: What Would You Do? episodes. #WhatWouldJennaDo

Jenna Potter and The Goblet of Wine

all I want is to write top ten lists for the rest of my life.

shoe shopping is tough because all shoes made for tall girls look like drag shoes #bigfoot

Day 1: Looking forward to kissing my liver goodbye. #TexasCountdown

i just watched the couple behind me makeout in the mcdonald's drive-thru. can't decide who the bigger pervert is in this situation.

Went to see #TheConjuring & a scary part happened just as I was crossing my legs over the seat in front of me & I ended up kicking someone.

I went back to college in my mid-20s, lived in the dorms, took a shower with flip flops, and Matthew Lillard was my BF. #dreamjournal

signed up for okcupid. weeding through the "hey girl" messages.

I don't know whether to be mad or relieved I wasn't on the Lambeau Kiss Cam with my dad.

the two things I download the most? fonts and The Sims 3 upgrades. 


My Life:

 If you read all these and still think I'm cool as shit and you aren't disillusioned by my #BacheloretteFrog lifestyle, you can follow me on Twitter at @RaptorOfLove.