Catcalling at its worst...


I was at the gas station by Exit 4/Truck Stop in Hudson this morning and there was this VERY drunk man outside. He was following this woman and calling her "Baby, sweetheart," and slurring comments about her appearance. The woman was obviously uncomfortable. Other people (two men, a woman with a child) saw this and didn't say anything.

Something intense happened within me at that moment, and I am still coming down from it. I got really hot, my heart started pounding...I'm pretty sure I started sweating, and a buzzing sound started in my ears.

I said loudly to the woman, "Are you OK?"
She looked at me, and then at the man, almost with confusion, and said, ", Yes."
And the man who was harassing her looked at me, and stumbled away.

I wanted to share this because I have been in that same situation before and no one had said anything or helped. And as a woman (or victim), it's pretty easy to feel helpless to speak out in these situations because of safety, or you feel powerless against the aggressor.

But this is the thing that truly shocks me: by simply ASKING the woman if she was OK deterred the street harassment.