Down syndrome LOVE!

Meet Alex and Kristie. 

These two beautiful humans have been my friends for years, and I thought I would share a little bit about their family and their story!

It floors me when I think of these two: they met in college (at a church social, right, guys?), married soonafter, both still under 30 years old, Alex working as a helicopter rescue pilot, as well as parents to - get this - THREE children under three. All this on top of experiencing the trials, beauty, and joys of having one of those children diagnosed with Down syndrome.

To begin, I'm just going to be honest here and express that I cannot fathom how they even do it. Like, they are doing an awesome job taking care of business and an entire family and saving lives, and I'm over here watching 10 Things I Hate About You for the 20th time in my underwear and scrounging quarters out of my couch to do my laundry (and possibly have some leftover for coffee tomorrow morning).

Kristie uses an social media to educate people about Down syndrome, because they didn't know much about DS until after the birth of their son and realized how little people outside of the community know about Down syndrome. They share their journey and lives to break down stereotypes and hopefully encourage parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis.

The unique thing about Alex & Kristie is their humor. Whenever I see her, Kristie always has me seriously belly-laughing about some story or experience, and she's absolutely great at documenting their family's ups and downs, and hilarity that often ensues. They both have large hearts and even heartier laughs - it really is refreshing to have people in my life that have gone through so much and want to help other people, especially with positivity and humor.

Alex & Kristie recently asked me to design some t-shirts to support their Down syndrome awareness blog, Gabe the Babe & Co. I feel so honored to have been a part of this project, and I get giddy every time they share a post on their Instagram of people all over the world wearing my designs. It's so cool, and I'm so glad I have had a small part of this power-couple's journey to change the world.

Visit their catalog and purchase a shirt here!