New Year's Resolutions That I Will Really Stick To This Year (maybe)

Here's my New Year's Resolution List.  As I write my list every year, it always seems so redundant.  Like, "Wasn't this on my list last year? And if I had worked on it, would it have carried over to this year?"  But  I guess, everyone's life and habits need a little improving, but it is super hard to commit to a laundry list of fix-its.  I've made my list for 2013 short and sweet, but with a lot of meat.

1.  WRITE MORE.  These past couple of years have really hurt my creative writing.  Especially my frequent entries in my blog and personal journal.  I think all of this stressing and lack of drive stems from me not expressing myself to the fullest.  So my goal is to SCHEDULE AND WRITE MORE.

2.  GET FIT.  LOSE WEIGHT.  This might work, with my insufficient food funds can really crack down on my carb intake.

3.  SAVE MONEY.  Read #2.  Spend less on booze.  More on schmooze.

4.  Working as a graphic designer as a profession, I spend most of my creative time and energy on client projects, and never enough time on my own independent art.  In retrospect, my time spent in college has hurt this the most.  I think because  I turned a hobby/interest into a career option, and that makes me do art all the time, but leave nothing for myself.  In 2013, I will MAKE MORE ART.

5.  BE MORE FASHION-FORWARD. I know I am pretty fashionable, but I want to create more outfits and actually wear them.  Moving to a workplace that is appointment based, I don't get a lot of face-to-face time with a lot of people like I used to, which has unfortunately contributed to my urge to start wearing fuzzy boots and sweatshirts to work.  THIS NEEDS TO STOP.

6.  MAKE TIME FOR FRIENDS. The recent holiday season has allowed me to reflect on my friends and relationships...including those that I have, and those that I have let fall apart.  I've been thinking about the past, and the friends I used to have, a lot of them I love and miss very dearly.  I vow to repair these broken friendships and be a better friend for all of my buddies.