My Favorite Fifteen Minutes of the Day the fifteen minutes (or less) that I spend in the shower.

Now before you get all pervy and picture me in the shower blowing my nose or making a shampoo hair-hawk, let me explain why.

To me, a shower is a form of baptism.  A renewal.  A fresh start.

It's a chance to begin something - its the start of a day full of possibilities and opportunities, or a night full of promise and excitement.

It's silent and reverent, my own sanctuary built of grouted tile and and hot water and Zest soap.

It's also about being alone.

I've been living by myself now for a year and a half.  And at first, it was a relief to not be living with my parents, but it was actually pretty lonely. It's very tough living alone - I had been used to living with my family or living with roommates in college, where if you were feeling a little empty, you could just shuffle down the hall and vent a little bit or just fart in their room and walk away.

But living alone is kind of an adventure.  It became a sort of challenge: how much time can Jenna spend doing menial activities between work and sleep?

Fact: Frozen pizza is a single person's worst enemy.  The goal of a single person living alone is to spend as much time preparing food as possible.  Or at least spend as much time eating as possible.  I once spent 20 minutes eating grapes by chasing them around a plate with a spoon.


But then again, I've always enjoyed being alone.  When I was in high school, I spent many late hours holed up in my room, sitting on my floor among paper and paint and teen magazines just creating.

Okay, back to the shower.

I also enjoy the feeling you get after you step out of the steam.  It's one of my top hangover cures: just take a goddamn shower and I guarantee you will feel better.  Or you will feel at least a little bit better about those 14 vodka waters you had last night.