My hair is a little bit "Run Lola Run" and a whole lot of awesome.

Check out my new hair!  I felt a little spontaneous in Sally Beauty the other day and picked up a jar of Manic Panic Rock n' Roll Red and Sharisse helped me create this.  I am so happy with it!

How I Did It:

I used L'Oreal's Color Strip to take out the box dye that I had in my hair already. Since I use Feria's Reds, they use what is known to hairdressers as "fake pigments" which means the dye has metallic elements to it, and if you bleach your hair as is, your hair could turn into cotton candy!  Ew!

At this point in the tutorial, I should probably divulge that I'm a veteran of hair color - been dying my hair all sorts of colors for 7 years! I've been a peroxide blond, brunette and redhead - I don't know which has more fun!  So if you're not comfortable with working with chemicals, get a trusted friend who is also a color veteran or pay a professional to do this part!

Back to the strip: so, I snipped out a lock from the back of my head, where the hair is the darkest, mixed up a little of the color strip, and let my hair sit in that for awhile as a test.  Luckily, it did not burst into flames, so I had Sharisse help my get my whole head covered.  It looked a little weird, kind of like my hair was stringy and I had just come out of a dust storm.  

After about a half hour, I washed it out and dried my hair (It smelled like a pool in my bathroom) - the color looked like this:

The color strip didn't take all the dye out - just turned my hair a little orangey-blond.  I'm not very partial to my hair - to me hair is hair and there's always a fix - I could always chop it off or whatever.  So this was a fun experiment.

Next was the fun part - the color!  Manic Panic dyes come in little jars and has the texture and smell of finger paint.  We were super careful, I rubbed my hairline with conditioner to not dye my skin.  It took probably a half hour to cover my head - Sharisse took her time and did a really good job.

Also, the cool thing about Manic Panic is that you can keep it on your hair for as long as you want - I've heard of people going to sleep with it in overnight!

After making sure my hair was covered (I used half the jar on my short-length hair), I wrapped my head in saran wrap and watched youtube for 45 minutes.  For the last 20 minutes, I pulled out my hairdryer and blasted my head with some heat.

I washed out the dye in the tub and voila!  Beautiful vibrant red hair!

The trick to keeping your color vibrant is minimal hair washing with cold water.  It doesnt mean you have to take cold showers!  Just keep your hair out of the hot water and then quick do a washing with shampoo.  I've also read about people who rinse their hair with vinegar right after the initial dying to keep the color - I didn't do that, but I think I'll try it next time.  

Red is my color!