Wisconsin, WI

This weekend I embarked on a four-hour road trip through Wisconsin by myself.  It was the first time I had ever driven that far by myself, and it was amazing.  Probably one of the top ten best things that I've ever done in my life - and it was as simple as packing all of my stuff, making some mixtapes, and hitting the open road.

Driving through the rolling hills of pine and farmland, I developed an overwhelming love and adoration for Wisconsin.  It truly is one of the most beautiful states.  I drove through what is called the Blue Hills and Chippewa Valley area of Northwestern Wisconsin.  
Try to picture winding desolate roads through deep ravines through green pine trees, dappled with farms and feilds and Amish communities and towns with handpainted watertowers.
There may be places where I will move, but my heart will always remain in Wisconsin.

My road trip video with Bon Iver playing in the background. Only fitting.

I drove to my family's cabin in the Northwoods.  It's more like a cottage and less like a cabin.  And when I say cottage, I really mean shack.
 The cabin was built nestled into the woods by a lake in 1938 by my great grandfather John.  It consisted of a stove, mainroom, and outdoor latrine.  Later, in the 1950's, a room, porch, indoor bathroom and loft was erected.

It's not much, but its where a lot of my childhood was spent.  My father recalls laying the granite walkway that leads down to the patio and boathouse.  It is gorgeous red granite, although it was placed smooth-side-up so this made the steps very slick and made for many scars on my knees.

Let me now share with you some vintage treasures from the cabin!  Enjoy!

This lamp is one of a set.  My Grandpa named them Veronica and Matilda, to which I only learned later were the names of his Aunts.