Linky Links 3.7.11

  • The Japanese may be seen by the majority as weird, but they are also brilliant. Check out these creative and real packaging designs collected by Tokyo A.C.O. art director James Bowskill.
  • I love zines! I love how they are created and made. I love the cheap budgets. I love their integration of pop culture and readability to the masses. Check out this great zine design all the way from Melbourne Australia. (And it's only $9 to ship to the U.S.)
  • Read this haunting and terrifying article on people who were abandoned on Mt. Everest. "Media term it 'summit fever', the apparent callousness that drives mountaineers to disregard ethics on their Everest ascents, sometimes literally climbing over dead bodies to reach their goals."
  • So. Damn. Classy. DO WANT.
  • I recently went to a Minnesota Rollergirls bout. (Videos up soon!) Can I just say it was the most amazing thing I have seen this year. Made me want to join! But before you do that, you have to pick a bad ass roller girl name. Check if yours is taken already!
P.S. I addicted to the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego application on facebook.