Top Ten Tuesdays: Reasons I Know I'm Growing Up

I'm going to add a new weekly feature on my blog: Top Ten Tuesdays! Everyone loves a good Top 10 list! And I have been making lists in my head this summer of everything imaginable. So let's begin:


1. Not having to return to school in the fall. It's strange not having to return to Stout for another year of college or education. Even though I will always be learning, I will never be able to return to my wild oats of college life again. It makes me sad that I am now an outsider while a lot of my friends are still in school.

2. Attending baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings. It's getting to be about that time in my life where it seems like everyone I know is getting engaged, married, or about to have a baby. While it is an exciting beginning to a new chapter in my life, it reminds me that there is no returning to those days where dressing up as a bridal party was something Adri, Breanna and I used to do in my basement in 4th grade.

3. Being able to drive in a busy city, get lost, and find my way without panicking or asking for directions. I did this yesterday when dropping my brother off at the Lindberg Terminal at the MPLS airport. I somehow took a wrong turn and ended up on 91(?) when I meant to get back onto 694. But, I did not panic. I calmly read the street signs, and followed a detour to 35 North, which I new would bring me East. And I made my exit successfully, caught my bearings, and drove home safely. I was so proud of myself! What an accomplishment! I hardly ever drove into the cities when I was in high school (I always made Zach drive). A good tip to remember when driving: North will bring you East. South will bring you West.

4. Exercising. No one tells you when you are younger that your metabolism will turn to shit as you age. Well it does. And you actually have to work at maintaining your body weight. It sucks.

5. Looking after children and acting like a mom rather than a friend. I don't know when the transition started where I started saying "No" rather than "Yes". (Dear future husband and babies, I promise never to turn into Kate Gosslin.)

6. Getting an invitation for a 5 year high school reunion. Ugh. I'm not planning on attending, by the way, I already know what's going on with a lot of my old classmates. Maybe I'll think about going at the 10 year.

7. 99 Problems.

8. Job searching. REAL job searching, like something related to your career that involves sending a cover letter, resume, portfolio, and link to your website. And then if you get an interview, you dress up in tweed and high heels and say that your biggest weakness is that you are a perfectionist, and afterwards while you pray for them to hire you, you write thank-you notes to your interviewees.

9. Shopping in the Misses section instead of the Juniors section. Goodbye tube tops, Hello cardigan sweaters.

10. Being responsible. This includes: Doing things without being told. Showing up to work on time. Showering regularly. Making your bed. Paying bills. Thinking about IRAs. Reading the newspaper, not just the comics and doing the crossword. Shaking hands. Preparing meals that aren't Easy Mac or pizza. Thinking about other people instead of yourself. Catching up with friends with awkward half-grown-up conversations. Deleting party pictures on Facebook. Etc.