Summer Project: Daisy Crown

Daisy Crowns and Chains are great homemade gifts during the summer, and can be used to make a garland for house decoration, a beautiful centerpiece for a table, accessorize an outfit, or as an activity for children on nice sunny days.

Here's how to make a Daisy Crown:


2. Pick 30 or so daisies. Make sure that there are no bumbles hiding out on them! Make sure they are healthy, fully bloomed blossoms with thick stems.

3. Trim the stems so that they measure about 4 inches.

4. Create a small slit in the stem about an inch down from the daisy head with your fingernail, toothpick, or knife. The farther your create the slit away from the head, the less dense your daisy crown will be.

5. Slide another daisy through the hole.

6. Repeat this process with the second daisy and so-on, until you have created a daisy chain to your preferred length.

7. Now you can connect the two ends to complete a circle. Slide the stem from the first daisy into the slit on the last daisy. I found that the stems were pliable enough so that I could tie the ends into a square knot.

8. Trim the ends with a scissors and you're finished!