Unicorn Princess

I swear to God we heard a oratorio style opera today about zombies. Get this:

"The trumpet shall sound/ and the dead shall be raised/ and we will be changed."

Actually, this might be about the rapture and the coming of Christ, but imagining Handel writing about zombies is too good to NOT fantasize about while in an hour long freshman music class.
Also while sitting in aforementioned class, the girl next to me was (surprise surprise) online shopping. And she was looking at this shoe. And I looked over and we began drooling over them.

The best thing about these shoes? The name. Unicorn Princess Heel. How epically awesome is that? The worst thing about these shoe? The price. A hefty $120.

But they are so b e a u t i f u l.

In other news, production is underway on Senior Project...I'm working on object branding this weekend, or gallery space design.
Here are some things I am thinking about branding:

So those are a few ideas.
Andddddd. Have you ever seen this? I was thinking I could get some people to be in my gallery space and do some performance art, like those moving mimes or statues in tourist places. I thought this "Super Shaper Costume" would communicate a kind of androgynous, ambiguous being, with no gender and no pre set ideas of sexuality.
I showed this to Dave and he said, "Oh! Haha! Like our high school dance team? 'Feeling hot hot hot!'"
To which we laughed hysterically while remembering repressed images of skinny high school teenagers dancing and jumping in 20 neon spandex bags.

I promise, if I decide on using this, it will not EVER be that ridiculous.