So I've lost my faith in men yet again. JUST when they were climbing the ladder into my appreciation and confidence. In my last post, I shared with you my outfit that I wore out on Saturday. Apparently I forgot to mention or notice that I was showing a bit of cleavage. And this wasn't inappropriate cleavage, mind you, it was a healthy amount, and was balanced with a sweater and modest stomach covering and jeans. I guess that didn't deter these things from happening:

-Numerous Grain Belts bought and sent my way (which I wasn't complaining about, but the independent woman inside of me drank each one with an amount of shamefulness)
-Glances to my chest (which, of course, I cannot help, because I did show a little chest, but I think I need to draw the line when everytime I scan the bar, I catch a man looking at my tits, or if my male friends cannot stop looking)
-I actually was so self-conscious about my cleave that I asked the always nice* girls in the bathroom for their opinion. One said, "Oh no, you look fine! If you got it flaunt it!" Another asked me what kind of message did I want to send. I said that I wanted to look attractive yet respect my body. This statement confused her and she asked me if I was single. I said yes. She said that I was showing the perfect amount.
-One heavily inebriated man asked me to squeeze my breasts together. After I refused he asked if he could do the honors. I cooly walked away.
-As I was on my way to the bar for a drink, a man yelled, "HOLY FUCK, BOOBS!" To which everyone noticed and looked my way. And on went the coat and scarf.

So bottom line is, men are pigs, and no amount of familiarity can make them intellectually appealing.

*A discussion occurred this weekend about the women that you meet in bar bathrooms. The point was brought up that these ladies are ALWAYS NICE! Once in a while you'll run into a bitch, but other than those few, you can always count on a girl being there with toilet paper or telling you that she likes your shoes, or sharing a funny joke with you. For the short time you are in a pub's bathroom, you both are BEST FRIENDS. Has anyone else noticed this phenomena?