Top Ten Tuesdays: A Perfect Place

A perfect place for me would be:

1. Somewhere warm the majority of the time, but usually warm places aren't the hub of trendiness.
Read: New York City, Minneapolis, Portland, Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver
But I guess there are other warm trend spots.
Read: San Fransisco, Austin, San Antonio, Los Angeles

2. In an apartment in the busy part of town. Within walking/biking/bus riding distance of my work/school. it would also have to be close to some bars, resturaunts, and clubs. also a grocery store, flea market and pharmacy. And chinese takeout. A place where they have public transit. subways, buses, etc is a must.

3. My kitchen will have see though cupboards to store my flatware and glasses.

4. All the artwork in my house will either be done by me, or one of my close friends, framed, and never put on the floor...unless it is an installation peice.

5. I will have built in shelves to put my horde of books, and notebooks. I will color-coordinate them, because it's always awesome when you sort things by color, and not kind, size, or topic.

6. A loft or studio apartment would be acceptable, with a separator for privacy in my budoir.

7. A soft love nest for a bed.

8. Wooden floors, to put shag rugs.

9. A sizable workspace for my art, drafting table, typewriter, computer, printer, etc. I may accumulate by the time i need an apartment such as this.

10. Depending on my lifestyle, I would like to have a puppy. Conditions are that I would have to be home for the majority of the day, which would probably mean I would work at home. Also, it would have to be a Welsh Corgi. Oh puppy. :)