Top Ten Tuesdays: Best Vintage Sesame Street Clips

Whenever I've had a bad week or bad day, nostalgia is always a thing that makes me feel better. One thing in my childhood, as I'm sure a lot of other American children can remember and look fondly upon, is Sesame Street. It was educational, BUT FUN! How did they do that? Help us learn without us catching on? The magic of muppets, celebrity cameos, and a few catchy songs.
So here is a top ten list that will lift your spirits before you have to head into the holiday season, which in many cases, is full of stress, woe, and fruitcake.

1. Sing After Me
Grover hitting on comedic GOD.DESS Madeline Kahn.

2. Cookie For Me?
There's something simply amazing about this video. And hillarious. And creepy when Cookie Monster says, "You come home with me I got closet fulllll of cookies!"

3. Readers of the Open Range
One more reason that reading = awesome. This is my mother's favorite Sesame Street song.

4. The Lowercase N
A haunting and amazing folk song + animation. There's an amazing amount of artist covers of this song on YouTube, which only catapults this song's coolness factor through the roof.

5. Baby's First Honk
"No, no, no, it like this."

6. I Don't Want To Live On The Moon
This video is for anyone who wishes they were somewhere else. There's adventures to be had, but you'd miss all the places and people that you love. So if you go, be sure to come home soon.

7. There's a Bird On Me
On days when I hate everyone I think about this video and be glad I'm not a rhino.

8. Pinball
This one is a classic for any animator/design geek. Gotta love me some Pointer Sisters, sweet funky beats, psychedelic animation, and the number 12.

9. Yip Yips Discover Radio
If you didn't know this, Yip Yips are awesome. Case in point: how they repeat things that they don't understand. Sometimes I do this to myself when I don't like my designs. "Nopenopenopenopenope." And their dancing is amazing.

10. Some and None
I WANT TO BE A MUPPET AND HAVE CRAZY MUPPET PARTIES LIKE THIS. (Sorry for bad video quality...its the only one I could find in English!)

BONUS: Over, Under, Around, and Through
Grover is probably the most dedicated Muppet. Think about it. In most skits, he's always either going crazy with frustration, or falling down from exhaustion. And all in the name of childrens' education. He's the fuzziest monster with the biggest heart. (but may have a stress/heart condition, be kind to that lil guy!)

Make sure to tell me what I missed in the comments! What clips bring back the warm fuzzies for you?