New Semester!

I am very excited for this Spring semester!

My Classes:
History of Design
Music in our World

All of my classes are interesting and I am ready to begin the journey into Senior Project.
...that is...once I have an idea of what I am going to do.
One of my strategies for this is to visit one of my favorite websites/blogs: Sociological Images. I think this is a good starting block for discovering problems and solving them visually. Taking something that is widely known and solvable only in one way and then turning it around and solving it an entirely different way, turning it into a new direction. I want to ask questions and question design concepts.

I also signed up for the Website committee. So before then I either have to learn some html or flash skillz or perish in the fires of college design hell. Well atleast I have some other people to fall back on...I hope we can all figure it out and learn something from each other.
Or else perish in the aforementioned fires of college design hell.

I was so excited to be in Senior Project that about halfway through the Project brief, I hiccuped and choked on my own spit.
I was breathing all haggardly so I ran into the hallway with a red face and I hacked up a lung in the hallway between taking frantic drinks out of the drinking fountain. I'm pretty sure the class in the letterform room saw the whole escapade and were laughing to themselves. After I collected myself I started to go back into the room but I locked myself out! Embarrassing moments never seem to cease in my life! Luckily the class hadn't left yet and John let me back in.

In other news, my house is finally reconnected to cable and internet, which is awesome because in that two-week period in which we were without, I really grew to appreciate the wonderful technological advances that are OnDemand and StumbleUpon. Nichole and I were so bored one night, we sat and stared at each other for a half hour before we decided to go to bed- less the boredom would cause us to start drinking.

Here is cool visual of Japanese sushi etiquette that I thought I'd share. If you didn't know this about me, I am a huge fan of etiquette. Any kind. I especially like the archaic kinds, during the time when women wore hats and hosted weekly parties.